Lead Designer

Lauren has been a creative spirit and artist since childhood, constantly sketching and painting. Although design and art have always been an integral part of her life, she also loves helping and serving people, which led her into the medical field. She graduated with a Master of Occupational Therapy degree from the University of Oklahoma in 2013, and still occasionally works in the pediatric field specializing in autism spectrum disorder. This gives her a unique perspective on design: "Though I always prioritize aesthetics in my personal spaces, I came to truly realize the power of good design in my work as a therapist. Colors, lighting, shapes and space arrangement have great impact on our sensory systems and consequently moods." She believes decor has the power to be life-enhancing. "I believe good interior design elegantly balances function, style, budget and lifestyle to create the background for our best lives."

Lauren Haskell Designs began in 2017. She was remotely working for a design firm based in Colorado when her soft, sophisticated, artistic design began attracting local clients in the Tulsa metro. She launched her firm with a vision to offer design services for a wide range of lifestyles and budgets. "I strive to design timeless spaces that meld my clients' personalities with my fresh and elegant aesthetic. I would love to work with you to create a personalized, functional, and beautiful space."